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How long are the classes?

Each class is one hour in length


Do I need a partner?

No, you do not need a partner, but feel free to bring one.  We rotate during class so that everyone has a chance to dance with a partner.


What are the class prices?

8 classes for $99, or a single class for $15 (applies to Bachata and Salsa classes, or any ongoing class at the studio).


 Where do I park ?

You can park on the street (beware of the permit parking signs). Valet parking is occasionally available at the Sushi Restaurant next door (only $3 with validation from studio), or you can park just down the block at the Beverly center; $1/hr for first four hours, and their garage is open 24/hrs.


What do I wear to dance class?

For the Salsa and Bachata Classes you should wear shoes that have a slippery bottom (leather or suede sole). Ladies should wear heels with a strap across the ankle. Avoid wearing running shoes or sneakers.

For Salsa Blast classes please wear workout clothing and sneakers.


What if I have never danced before?

No worries! Our beginner classes are especially designed for students who have never danced before. We also have intermediate and advanced classes so you can keep on growing.

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